Tom Oestreicher            
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Signings and Events

Left and Middle Photo: July 2007 Hawaii Lecture Tour to 10 Public Liabaries on Oahu, HI
Right Photo: From New York Book Expo

Book Signings, Library Appearances, Book Club Talks:

I have had the wonderful opportunity to talk to many of these groups.  I enjoy these talks very much.  Not only do I talk about the work being read, but I often advise those just starting a literary project on publication concerns.  Again, please contact me at .

Civil War Lectures:

I quite often give Civil War Lectures, I have given these lectures for the past 35 years.  In 1996 I was granted authoritative status on the American Civil War.  When giving lectures to church groups, scouts, service organizations, libraries or historical societies, I bring in dozens of artifacts to pass around.  Sometimes I'll treat an audience to a hardtack.

Please contact me at 815-895-2576 or email me at to discuss this opportunity. In addition to the above, I have spoken to students in more than 100 schools all throughout the Midwest.

Testimonials avaliable on request.  Rates are individually priced ranging from $150-$500 per hour based on group size, travel expenses, hotel accommodations and meal expenses are all subject to the contract.


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