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Present and Accounted For

Released 12/2004

From its beginning as a simple research project through many twists and turns, four dedicated twentieth-century researchers focus on finding twenty-three missing Civil War soldiers who seem to have just vanished.  Here is a vivid and compelling tale of intrigue with more than just a hint of a government conspiracy and cover up.  The reader follows Mike Carls and his team as they use modern day technology in an attempt to solve a 130-year old mystery.  But don't guess the ending!

- Bestseller at Barnes and Noble
- Featured Title at Book Expo America, New York 2005

- 268 pages
- $17.50

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Spring 2009

This is a novel that spans the bridges of time for one family.  The reader follows Regina Wilson, a 54 year old New York school teacher, as she happens upon her families past. 

Readers can expect this book sometime in Spring 2009.  It's a fascinating look at life on the plantations before, during and after the Civil War as told by eye witness accounts.  This story begins in 1954 and flashes back to 1847 when Regina's grandfather is captured off the shores of Madagascar and sold into slavery.

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With Full Honors

Released 12/2005
Sequel to Present and Accounted For

Jacob Winslow is dead.  The 140-year old Civil War veteran who had been the center of a secret government project for nearly fifty years died in September 1989 according to the National Science Commission - or so they say.

Now, after receiving several baffling messages, Mike Carls and his research team scramble to forge a new plan to determine whether Jacob is really dead or has the NSC again hidden him in some secretive location.  With key administrative changes within the agency, several loyal agents offer their assistance in an effort to finally put to rest the mystery of Project Union Blue.  It's shear determination and conviction versus bureaucracy and cover-up.  This is a vivid and compelling tale composed of American history and pure adrenaline.

- 181 pages
- $14.95

Currently in production with the 2nd Edition.
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