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Author, Historian, Lecturer, Writing Coach, Speaker


After nearly 40 years as an educator I thought I had something to say. I've always enjoyed a good story, so I thought I'd write one! Or two..... Or Three......

Now it's my turn to offer some assistance to other aspiring writers. I've been there.

Next to marrying my high school sweetheart and the birth of my two children and four grandchildren, I would say that being a featured author at Book Expo America in New York in June 2005 was my greatest accomplishment. And how about being asked to lecture in Hawaii in July 2007? What a thrill!! It CAN happen to you as well.

I dedicated all my works to the memory of loved ones who have passed to our next home.  I especially do so to my parents who guided me through my youth and instilled in me a good christian work ethic.  I miss you,Mom and Dad.  Thanks for everything! 

I thank you for taking time to visit this site.  May God bless you and yours and have a wonderful life.
I began actually writing about ten years ago.  I had written 135 pages (handwritten) pages at one time.  The story was buzzing in my head.  Unfortunately, some poor student at the local college where I was teaching though he needed a new briefcase and stole mine - manuscript and all!  Needless to say, I lost more then the written pages, my momentum was gone too.

It took me seven years to get back to my story.  While sitting in a hospital waiting room as my daughter was having knee surgery, I began plucking away on my laptop.  Page one just rolled off my fingertips.  I was back. The rest, so to speak, is history.  That story became Present and Accounted For.  Within weeks of its release, my novel reached #1 Bestseller status at Barnes and Noble.  Talk about shock.  In June 2005, my book and I were featured at Book Expo America in New York City.  The national media picked up on it and ever since things have been moving right along.  The sequel novel, With Full Honors was released in December  2005.  It's been a real pleasure writing this story. In June 2009 my third novel Plantation was released.

As a historian and member of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, I have a deep appreciation for the sacrifice of thousands of men during our American Civil War.  I have lectured on the subject for more than 35 years.  I plan on writing a definitive history of the 105th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment entitled Pride of the 20th Corps.  This is of course, a non-fiction work and will take a great deal of time to complete.  Don't look for it anytime soon.

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